Dharamshala Campsite and Homestay


Our Dharamshala Campsite is located 20 Km from Dalhousie at the beautiful Himalayan village of Kareri. From this base site we run specialized treks to Kareri Lake. Kareri Lake (also known as Kumarwah Lake) is a high altitude, shallow, fresh water lake south of the Dhauladhar range and is 2934 metres above the sea level. Kareri lake is best known for being a trekking destination in the Dhauladhars. The lake remains frozen from early December to March-April. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Shakti on a hilltop overlooking the lake. A few gaddi kothis are present on the other side of the lake, an area which is used by the gaddis as a grazing ground for their animals. Kareri Lake serves as a base for trekking further into the Dhauladhar and onward to Chamba and Bharmour via the Minkiani Pass (4250m) and Baleni Pass (3710m).


Kitchen : We have fully functional permanent kitchen at our Campsite and serve mouth watering food & snacks

Open Air Restaurant : There is an open air Restaurant at our Campsite

European Toilets : There are Modern European style Toilets at our Campsite, separate for Male & Females

Electricity & Cell Reception : We have electricity and all the major Cellular Mobile reception work at our Campsite

Why Us

Camping, It’s easy to get started, and it’s also inexpensive. But economy isn’t the only reason why so many School Groups, couples and families of all ages take up camping. The fact is, camping is great fun – and nothing beats the sense of freedom or the pleasure of waking up surrounded by gorgeous countryside.

What facilities can I expect?

A hot shower inside modern toilet and washroom facilities are just a stroll away, and there open air restaurant which supply your cooked breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or just steaming mugs of coffee or tea.

What if I like walking or cycling?

For walkers and cyclists, Camp Himachal Campsites are also a great bet. Both our Campsites are located in the heart of regions – in the country, which are the perfect launching pad for treks and bike rides which don’t involve having to drive first, or to negotiate busy roads.

What sort of atmosphere can I expect?

Camp Himachal Campsites are well known for their relaxed and friendly atmospheres – often a reflection of the fact that our Campsites are professional run by persons who take a deep personal pride in maintaining high standards and a welcoming environment for guests.

What about my tent & equipment’s?

We have 9.5 foot x 9.5 foot “A” frame wind resistant tents at our Campsites which is used for students groups, which can accommodate 5/6 students per tents . For Couples and Family we have imported tents which can accommodate 6 persons.

For camping during our Specialized trek we rely only on imported equipment and provide everything needed for trekking in High Altitudes


Camping, Trekking, Bird watching, Flora & Fona, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Tree Jumaring, Campfire, Group Games, Team Building, Leadership Development etc.

Medical Facilities:

First aid would be available throughout the programme. All emergence would be treated by the nearest available doctor/medical facility.